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fibre drum manufacturers

SEFFI, representing the fibre drum industry in Europe!

Welcome to Seffi


Who are we?

The Syndicat Européen de l’Industrie des Fûts Fibre, SEFFI, was formed in 1991 by the European fibre drum manufacturers to promote the benefits of fibre drums and to represent the Industry at European and international levels.

Aims & objectives

Driven by the worldwide legislation on the handling, transportation, recycling and disposal of packaging and accepting its responsibility in environmental awareness, the aims and objectives of the Association are:


  • To develop useful product standards and to review them whenever it is technologically feasible and to promote their use throughout industry.


  • To play a supporting role in the legislation on packaging and environment, on safety and transportation of goods and to make recommendations as appropriate.


  • To further develop and promote National and European recovery and recycling schemes for fibre drums, together with the re-use of materials and drums in the packaging chain.


  • To broaden the markets for fibre drums and create wider appreciation and acceptance of the industry’s products and services. 



  • Founded in 1991
  • Fibre drums
  • Around 10 million drums
  • Represent more than 90% of fibre drum producers in Western Europe
  • National associatons
  • Producers of fibre drums
  • Associate members

Why fibre drums?


Optimal protection is vital for the safe storage and transportation of every product. Years of expertise have proven the extreme durability of FIBRE DRUMS, even in demanding conditions.



The materials used in the fibre drum industry to manufacture FIBRE DRUMS ensure that they are suitable for recycling.



FIBRE DRUMS are sturdy yet low in weight. In addition, FIBRE DRUMS excel in stackability. 


FIBRE DRUMS are manufactured in various diameters, sizes and shapes with or without UN approval. 


Contact Information

  • SEFFI 
  • Secretariat / Offices: 
  • Boval House
  • 24 Mount Parade
  • Harrogate 
  • North Yorkshire
  • HG1 1BX, United Kingdom
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