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Fibre drums are a natural, sustainable and very environmentally efficient product ‐ manufactured from paper and board which comes from wood fibres. These soft wood trees are grown in a sustainable manner, much like any other crop grown with consideration for our natural environment.


The wood from which fibre drums is taken originates from managed, purpose‐grown forests in which for every tree used, a new one is planted. Through this cultivation we achieve regeneration rather than depletion of our natural resources. The other products used in some fibreboard drums, such as metals and plastics are easily recycled to minimise environmental impact.

The main component of the fibre drum manufacturing process, the Kraft fibre tube, does not have any of the high energy demands necessary for melting raw materials such as steel, plastic or glass. In fact the rolling of Kraft fibre tubes for the body of the drum is carried out at normal, ambient temperatures with a minimum of energy use and wastage.

Fibre drums are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and performance abilities – from UN approved designs suitable for Dangerous Goods, to specialist uses for both powder and liquid products, and all‐fibre constructions for maximum environmental benefit. Because of their unique manufacturing methods, fibre drums can be made in different diameters, lengths and even as square box shapes to maximise space efficiency!

Fibre drums achieve excellent real‐world life‐cycle efficiencies – with each drum being capable of multiple re‐use when handled and stored in appropriate conditions. The used drums can then be easily recycled back into fibre‐board pulp for materials recovery or simply used as an excellent fuel or as a compostable material which breaks down in a natural manner.

SEFFI aims to provide the highest standards of support for the European manufacturers of fibre drums and their customers. This includes a qualified Chartered Environmentalist within our Committee, plus direct, active involvement with both the European (CEN) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Committee on Packaging and The Environment and also the activity on UN & ADR/RID Transport Regulations.

SEFFI Members and their customers can contact SEFFI for the latest expert advice on the current regulations affecting storage, filling, transport, and recycling / waste management of fibre drums.

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