European Association of
fibre drum manufacturers

Application of Fibre Drums


Economical and remarkably durable!

Offering optimum protection for the chemical, pharmaceutical, adhesives
and food industry.

The range of fibre drums fulfils a large number of packaging requirements, in particular for the chemical, pharmaceutical, glue and food industry.


Proven design has been combined with the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure that these drums provide optimum protection for a large variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

  • Optimal protection is vital for the safe storage and transportation of every product. Years of expertise have proven the extreme durability of fibre drums, even in demanding conditions.


  • To ensure that every drum complies with your specific requirements, a choice of types is available. The fibre drum can be supplied with an inner lining of polyethylene, aluminium/polyethelyne or silicone.


  • Fibre drums are available in various diameters and sizes with or without UN approval.


  • Fibre drums are sturdy yet low in weight. In addition, fibre drums excel in stackability. Benefits that count during transport and storage.


  • The materials used to manufacture fibre drums ensure that they are suitable for recycling.

Fibre drums: countless applications

A drum for many applications


- A proven drum for storage and transport of both hazardous and non-hazardous goods


- Easy to handle and stack


- Re-sealable and re-usable


- A large range of diameters and capacities


- A drum that fits your needs and requirement

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