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European Standards for fibre drums


  • EN 12710: 2006 Fibreboard drums - Removable head drums with closing rings and a nominal capacity of 15 to 250 litres.


  • EN 14768: 2005 Fibreboard drums - Removable head drums with slip-on lids ans a nominal capacity of 5 to 600 litres. All drums made according to the standard carry the relevant materials identification symbol.

The material identification symbol for body and base of fibreboard drums are give in Table D.1 and Table D.2 and an example is shown in Figure D.1.

 Table D.1 - Body identification symbols                      Table D.2 - Base identification symbols

Code Material Adhesive
S1 100% kraft liner Silicate, starch, polyvinyl alcohol
S2 100% kraft with polyolefine layer(s) with a minimum thickness of 10 gsm  Silicate, starch, polyvinyl alcohol, polyolefine
S3 100% kraft liner with or without a polyolefine coating Hot melt
S4 Recycled paper with or without a polyolefine with aluminium foil Silicate, starch, polyvinyl alcohol
S5 Fibre laminated with aluminium foil Hot melt, silicate, starch, polyvinyl alcohol, polyolefine
S6 All other materials  



Code Material
S Steel
P Plastics
F Fibre
W Plywood
H Hardboard
O Other

















 Figure D.1 Fibreboard drum material identification symbols

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